Golf Fitness

T.P.I is short for Titleist Performance Institute.

The concept of the T.P.I is to identify and rectify any physical limitations which may impact your golf swing and thereby hinder your performance.


The T.P.I method has been formulated from over 50 of the worlds best Golf Professionals, Biomechanics experts, Physiotherapists, Medical Professionals and Fitness Trainers. This training method is used by all of the Titleist staff Tour players.


To gain a greater understanding of your personal physical limitations, a simple 12-point screening process is carried out. Going forward, you then have the option to have individualised golf lessons which are tailored to your individual results. Alternatively, if you have the inclination, you may like us to jointly develop an exercise plan, which is personalised to you, and will enable you to improve your physical mobility and strength. These exercises may be carried out in your own home or at the gym.

If you would like a T.P.I assessment, book a 1 hour lesson slot to cover the screening process and personalised exercise program.

Genuinely that was the best golf lesson I have ever had. I never thought that by trying to fix my horrendous putting yips I would improve so quickly after a relatively short lesson.

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Mike Kitching

I thought I had a problem with my follow-through and this was stopping me achieving more distance. Deana listened to what I had to say, observed my swing and then proceeded to work on my backswing…hey presto I gained 20 yards and my follow-through was naturally better!

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Aline McNamara