NEW! PSYCH-K® how to get out of your own way

The game changer I’ve been waiting to find and now I’m able to share with you! 

For those of you that know me, you will know that I’ve had an interest in the mental game for as long as I’ve been playing and coaching. I’ve always been fascinated by the fact you can do all of the physical practice and yet not always rely upon or allow all of this work to make an appearance and show up when it matters. 

This has lead me to read many books on the subject, attend lots of coaching conference including the Mind Factor courses, and last year I learned how Mindfulness can have huge benefits on your game in terms of focus and reducing the agitated mind.  

However I felt there was still something missing that would involve less not more effort to really allow people to shine and get out of their own way. So my most recent self development took me to Leeds to do the basic training with and then to London to do the Advanced Facilitator training with in an outstanding process called PSYCH-K®

What PSYCH-K® does differently to some of the other interventions is it targets and communicates with the subconscious instead of the conscious part of the mind to affect change. 
Though kinesiology (muscle testing) we can identify the self limiting beliefs and form a plan to release them. Then we’d perform what’s called a “balance“ which takes minutes to get the left and right hemispheres communicating to release the old and install the new preferred positive belief. Metaphorically it’s like acupuncture or trigger point massage for the brain.

The subconscious (95% of your mind) is where your core beliefs live and your core beliefs affect your behaviour. So you can think positively all day long consciously using the 5% of your mind, but it will more often than not be overwritten by the 95% (the subconscious) and what actual beliefs you hold in there. If deep down in your subconscious you don’t believe that you are really good enough/deserved of good things/can stick to making changes etc, all of your bright ideas and optimism won’t materialise.

This is why New Years resolutions are so hard to stick to! 

The good news is that PSYCH-K® allows you to quickly and painlessly identify and change subconscious beliefs that are limiting your full potential in life and in golf. In minutes you can rewrite the beliefs that have been undermining you and holding you back from achieving what you have set your sights on. The other work I have done with the Mind Factor and Mindfulness is invaluable to support those changes and help set your action steps going forward. 

If you can feel that you are getting in your own way and your sentences start with “I can’t do…” then a set of PSYCH-K® sessions is something that you should seriously consider. 
Feel free to contact me to find out more.