What My Clients Say

Dear Deana, Many thanks for the PSYCH-K® session. I played the day after and had one of my best rounds, 43 points! I felt calm throughout, didn’t berate myself if a putt lipped out, just carried on. I also got my tee shot away on the nemesis hole that we targeted! Many, many thanks for your help and guidance. I am very grateful and ’pumped’ as my daughter would say! So thank you very much!

David – Mid to High Handicap

Genuinely that was the best golf lesson I have ever had. I never thought that by trying to fix my horrendous putting yips I would improve so quickly after a relatively short lesson.

Carlsberg don’t do Golf Lessons, but if they did it would look like the one I just had.

Many many thanks.

Mike Kitching -No more yips!

I was introduced to Deana through RAF Golf when she became our ladies coach in 2014.

I was playing off 7 and relatively happy with my game, but struggling to find a coach I could click with. This was instantly forgotten with Deana, who realises golf is a personal journey and doesn’t have a ‘one solution fits all’ answer; a rarity amongst today’s teaching Professional. This zest for teaching and dexterity of explanation and demonstration is infectious and you can’t help but want to improve.

Deana instantly identified areas I’d been struggling with, and gave me pragmatic, commonsensical drills to improve and strengthen my swing. The results were instantaneous and speak for themselves; I now play off 3, and more importantly know I have the potential to come down even further.

This continued improvement is single handedly down to Deana and I cannot thank her enough for reigniting my desire to play golf and achieve the results I know I have within me.
I cannot recommend Deana highly enough, she is everything a teaching Professional should be and your results will speak for themselves.

Beth Shippin – 3 handicap & RAF Ladies Champion 2013/14

I have known Deana for four years. We were introduced when I was a member at Woodsome Hall G.C. At this point in my life I was playing in the junior league in the Huddersfield and Halifax Golf Union. Over this four year period Deana has helped me reduce my handicap from 14 to 1.

The first time I consulted Deana she was extremely approachable and immediately made me feel at ease. It was obvious from the first conversation that her main objective was my personal progress as a golfer. This attribute is rare within the industry of golf tuition. I have been to see many other golf coaches in the area before Deana and I regularly went away with the distinct impression that my own personal development was not the driving factor. No matter what the problem, Deana always has the answer.

Gareth Collins – Scratch Player

I thought I had a problem with my follow-through and this was stopping me achieving more distance. Deana listened to what I had to say, observed my swing and then proceeded to work on my backswing…hey presto I gained 20 yards and my follow-through was naturally better! Deana is not a “one lesson fits all” person, she has an ability to assess how you best learn, and engages those aspects of your character. The exercise regime she devised for me really improved my core strength and balance, which worked hand in hand with my swing changes to increase my distance further!

Altogether she is the complete Golf Pro package and I feel privileged to be her pupil

Aline McNamara – Ever hopeful

I struggled with my game for years. I was too stubborn to get lessons as I thought it would cause me to go backwards. I can honestly say that getting lessons was the best investment for improving my game. Deana was recommended to me by several people when I joined Witney Lakes.

What I particularly like about working with Deana is that each lesson is tailored specifically to you and what you want to get out of the session. Deana takes time to look at your set up and swing and concentrates on one or two things to work on that will help the most to improve your game.

I was particularly interested in not only what worked for my swing but what would produce bad results in order to avoid slipping into bad habits in the future. Deana was happy to break down my swing for me. As a result I found that when I was on the course and I made mistakes I knew why rather than trying to work out why whilst playing and ultimately getting frustrated.
As a result not only has my game improved (reduced my HC by 5 shots) I found myself enjoying my golf even more.

Deana is not only a great coach, her training sessions are fun and relaxed. I would highly recommend a lesson for anyone looking to improve their game.

Stewart Scott – Reduced handicap by 5 shots

As a relative beginner and high handicapper the golf swing can appear a complex and daunting process. With the aid of video footage and good old fashioned eyeballing Deana has been able to find my faults and clearly communicate how to correct them. After each lesson personally selected practice drills and exercises help to reinforce the good habits. Lessons are relaxed and unhurried and I always feel that my needs are paramount. I think that I, like many of us long out of school face the idea of adult learning with a mixture of apprehension, fear, trepidation and a fair bit of loathing. A lesson with Deana will change all that, they are informative but also fun and I actively look forward to them. Go on, make your day, book a golf lesson!

Jeff Littlewood – 19 handicapper

A short series of lesson with Deana was good enough to bring my handicap two shots in one season (from 9 to 7). Her coaching style not only focuses on the game but on the person as well, you feel great after a lesson with Deana because she instils so much confidence in your ability.

David Smith – Mid Handicap

On behalf of the Woodsome Hall Ladies Scratch team, i would like to express my thanks to Deana for the useful & informative group coaching sessions she gave us at the start of the season. Deana’s tips have been extremely welcome, constructive and given in a friendly & entertaining way. Practicing has been fun, and being able to execute the shots taught when on the course has increased our confidence.
Thank you Deana from all the girls. We look forward to more of the same in the future.

Ann Taylor – 5 Handicap

I was recommended to Deana by a colleague at work. I was a bit nervous; it was like my first day back at school. On meeting Deana her friendliness put me at ease straight away. Deana’s knowledge of the game and ability to explain what I was doing wrong and communicate this to me in an entertaining manner has been invaluable to me. I am striking the ball more accurately, my drives are great and my short game has really improved. Lessons are focussed but fun and I always leave knowing that my next game of golf will be better than the last!

At the beginning of each lesson Deana takes time to enquire about your last game of golf and if you have any questions she is happy to offer solutions. I look forward to my lessons with Deana and hope to further my handicap under her guidance. Thanks Deana, you know that I recommend you to all my friends!

Linda Welsh – Handicap 17

Deana combines total professionalism and high skill knowledge with a modern, flexible approach that responds to the student as a person, giving them a confidence boost. As someone who had never picked up a club before my first lesson – having only taken up the game to develop a sporting interest in common with my husband -, I wouldn’t have lasted beyond a couple of sessions if it wasn’t for Deana’s individual style which celebrates even fractions of progress. A stickler for accuracy, she somehow manages to inject lightness into the incessant pursuit of the perfect swing, the foundation of the game. Whilst I’m never going to be a star player, it’s Deana’s friendliness and enthusiasm that have helped me start to comprehend others – fascination for the game and is the reason I willingly go back for lessons.

Sarah Napier – Reluctant Novice